US Military Combat Camera History & Stories Museum


Combat Camera Soldiers


Department of Veteran Affairs


Black History Month
The Center for Minority Veterans presents:


African Americans in the Military-
A Legacy of Exceptional Service


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Contact Information:


Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Minority Veterans (00M)
810 Vermont Avenue, NW
Phone: 202-461-6191
Fax: 202-273-7092













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MCCSHM non profit 501 (c) (19)

 MCCHSM is currently headquartered  in Greensboro, North Carolina.  However, the museum complex will be built in North Carolina.  Location will probably be in either be Fayetteville or Raeford.   

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Hear CMSgt Doug Morrell, USAF retired tell his story about being the first combat cameraman during WWII, Korean War and Vietnam.

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