Bivera's Career History Album Bivera's Career History Album Homecoming A safe return home with the Theodore Roosevelt Battle Group after an extensive spearhead deployment after 911. 117526207 Leading PO for Comnat Documention Training I was the combat documentation training coordinator for Fleet Combat Camera Atlantic in Norfolk. Twice I held this position from two different duty tours. 117526208 A 911 Chief Petty Officer I donned the Chief's cap three days after September 11. Four days later I deployed for Afghanistan. 117526209 We were once young and strong... That's me as a 2nd class petty officer covering the Oceana's air wing homecoming from the first Gulf War. 117526210 On Patrol... North of Baghram, Afghanistan, on patrol for Taliban. 117526211 On Patrol... In northern Afghanistan with Army engineers doing site surveys... 117526212 Safe from operation Swift Freedom... This is us taking a breather in the desert of Helmand Province just below the foothills of the Himalaya's after a successful search raid for Taliban... 117526213 In the Ice... On glaciers in Chile where I busted up a good 17-35mm lens from a fall, and a well bruised arm... 117526214 Air Force One... Just another day with the White House travel crew... 117526215 The Oval Office... Just another day in the White House Oval Office... 117526216 Presidential Motorcade... Our little shoot hole from the top of our pool van, as to what we referred to as the presidential death watch... 117526217