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Current MCCHSM Heads of the Board of Directors - For-profit 997 LLC:

Founder, Creator, Executive Director of MCCHSM - Dr. Sylvester Caraway Jr., USAF retired: Cell Phone Number: 336 965 6696: Skype: DrSCJ1956

President: Vacant

Vice President: Vacant

CMSgt Douglas W. Morrell-Film - (Interesting story about being shot down in three wars)

Mr. Kenneth Hackman - Photojournalism (The Godfather of all US military photojournalists)

CMSgt Mansie Booker, USAF retired – Video

SMSgt Cecil Blackwell, USAF retired – Asst Video

Marketing Director/Public Relations Consultant: Vacant

Asst Public Relations: Vacantetary: Vacant


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Hear CMSgt Doug Morrell, USAF retired tell his story about being the first combat cameraman during WWII, Korean War and Vietnam.

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