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MCCHSM Gazelle Donation Campaign


We honor US military combat camera troops, commanders, project officers,

trainers, support technicians, laboratory personnel, film/video editors, sound

technicians, administrators and civil servants that worked with us in combat

camera units, headquarters, combat camera/photo/video training schools and

those who served working in our combat center in the pentagon.  This includes

Active Duty Army; Navy, Marines and Air Force, Reserves, National Guard,

Coast Guard and Civil Air Patrol. We also honor the American Forces Radio and

Television Broadcasting Services (AFN) and all of other organisations; such as

American Forces Korea Radio & Television Network (AFKN) in Seoul, South Korea,

Panama, Europe and other military radio and television broadcasting services.

” We are also connected to the Wounded Warrior organization that 25% of our

monthly intake through Gazelle will be donated to the Wounded Warrior organization.

To donate to our campaign drive through Gazelle (Gazelle for good Trade-In

Program), you can donate your electronics to MCCHSM to our fundraising campaign

for the museum complex; go to:  (Campaign ends 1 June 2012)

You can also visit our website (US Military Combat Camera History & Stories Museum):  For more information Email: [email protected] or

go straight through to donating your electronics and/or ink cartridges through towards our non-profit MCCHSM non-profit LLC organization. 

(You can recycle any printer ink cartridges you have lying around.  If you add

any cartridges to your box, be sure to put them in a sealed plastic bag and use

some extra packing materials to avoid damaging the other items you're sending in.)

 Combat Camera®

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Dr. Sylvester Caraway Jr. USAF retired

Founder/Creator and Executive Director of MCCHSM

Phone: 336 676 4788

Cell: 336 8091678

Toll Free: 800 868 1097

Our non-profit organization is having a fundraiser for building our museum in Colorado Springs. Please pass this on to your associates, friends and family for me, please? 


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Hear CMSgt Doug Morrell, USAF retired tell his story about being the first combat cameraman during WWII, Korean War and Vietnam.

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